10 Time Saving Life Hacks You Should Try Today

If you’re finding it difficult to “make time” it’s because it’s simply not possible. There are only 24 hours in a day. The trick to having time for the things you really want to do is learning how to spend less of it on other things. Here are 10 time saving life hacks that will help you do just that.

  1. Stop looking for things. How often do you lose your keys? Your cell phone? Create a designated landing place for items that you frequently lose time hunting down in the area where you typically use them. I put a dish on my entry table for my keys and just that small change has saved me at least 15 minutes a week.
  2. Write it down. Most organized people know it’s a good idea to make a shopping list before heading to the store. Take that a step further by keeping a pad of paper and pen in the kitchen (find one with a magnet and keep it right on your fridge) and create that list as you run out of things. That way, when it’s time to go shopping, your list is made already. Keep coupons clipped to that pad of paper and you’ll be sure not to leave those behind.
  3. Keep bags inside your bags. My purse used to be just like the Bermuda Triangle—things went inside and were never seen again. Now I group like items and keep them in small bags inside my purse. Glasses, make up, gift cards, all go into small clear bags making it easy to find what I’m looking for, and also making it super fast to switch to a different purse. This works for laptop bags and briefcases also.
  4. Create a portable office. People lose a lot of time waiting. We wait at the carwash, we wait at the dentist’s office, we wait at the kids’ sports practices. Why not turn that waiting time into productive time by keeping an accordion file full of greeting cards, stamps, envelops, phone rosters, and any forms, bills, paperwork, in your car.
  5. Spend less time in the Kitchen.  Use your crockpot to cut back on cooking time and cleaning time (less pots and pans to wash!), program your coffee pot so that your coffee is already brewing when you wake up. Every single minute in the morning is crucial! Prep your veggies right when you get home from the market. You’re ingredients for healthy recipes are already prepped and you’ll have ready to grab healthy snacks all week. Semi-homemade is totally awesome. I save a lot of time by buying a rotisserie chicken every week (you’d be surprised how many different meals you can get out of one chicken!), and frozen sides like brown rice, quinoa, and garlic bread. I can throw a salad together in no time flat since my veggies are washed and cut already. Put a scoop of ice cream between two fresh from the oven cookies made from you guessed it, store-bought, pre-made cookie dough, and you have a delicious (semi) homemade dessert in about 10 minutes. Double your recipes. Whenever you’re making something that can be frozen, double the recipe and you’ll have a whole second meal ready to go on a day when you don’t have time or energy to cook.
  6. Batch your errands and your replies. Group your errands by location and you’ll save time driving from shopping center to shopping center. Another thing you can save time by “batching” is responding to emails, voice mails, and text messages. You’ll get through whatever the task at hand is more quickly when you eliminate the constant interruption of message alerts.
  7.  Multitask your workouts and your veg time. You’ll never be guilty about binge watching House of Cards again (I know I’m not the only one!) if you do it while on the treadmill. Bonus: when you make it a policy to only watch while working out and you’ll be in amazing shape in no time.
  8. Put technology to work. There’s an app for just about everything nowadays, and many of them can help you save time on everything from driving (download Waze for real time traffic updates and get everywhere faster), to list making (Evernote allows you to create and synch your to do lists on multiple devices), and even common administrative tasks (try the virtual assistant app, Zirtual).
  9. Be a hoarder. Okay, not the reality tv show kind of hoarder! Just stock up on items you know you’ll use eventually, and often run out of—like paper towels, toilet paper, water bottles, soap, toothpaste. It will save you time at the store and keep you from having to dash out for one or two items.
  10. Stop folding your fitted sheets. Life’s just too short, right? You can neatly roll a fitted sheet and keep it, one pillowcase, and the matching flat sheet, all together inside the other pillowcase from the set for neat storage in the linen closet. All the pieces stay in one convenient package, saving you from rooting through stacks of sheets in the closet when it’s time to change the bed.