By Order of an Evil Queen, Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!

This morning I had the pleasure of joining the team on San Diego Living to share some tips about how to make Halloween safe and fun. I was especially excited because I got to wear a costume. I had been worried that this year I wouldn’t have a good reason to dress up. My kids are getting big for Trick-Or-Treating, barely anyone tackles the giant hill to get to our house, and for the first year in a very long time, I wasn’t invited to a single Halloween party (if you’re having one next year, count me in!).

I have a wonderful medieval maiden costume…or at least I thought I did. Once I put it on I sent a selfie to my daughter for her seal of approval. That’s when I found out that I was less of a medieval maiden and more of an evil queen from Game of Thrones.

So…from Cersei Lannister, have a very happy and SAFE Halloween!