The FabYOUList

The FabYOUList – List it, Live it, Love Your Life

Susan Campbell Cross. February (Consortium, dist.)

$24.95 (250p) ISBN 978-0-9849543-4-6

Publisher Weekly Review

In this deceptively simple yet surprisingly uplifting tome, Cross demonstrates the transformative power of a simple list. Right after her 36th birthday, she decided to compose a list of challenges and goals she would endeavor to check off before she turned 40. Ranging from the secular to the saintly, the 40-item list included simple activities like skinny-dipping and finding a church (“Pick a religion, any religion”), grand schemes (“Get Googleable”), and life-changing challenges (learning to surf required Cross to overcome an intense fear of drowning). Along the way, the first-time author (“Write a book” was #40) addressed past traumas, made new friends, learned how to communicate more capably with her children, and—yes—even took a dip in her birthday suit. The plucky Cross narrates her journey—failures and all—and the end-product is an inspiring mix of anecdote and advice that will empower readers and encourage them to follow their own dreams. “I’m not a certified life coach—or a certified anything else for that matter,” she says in conclusion. “What I am, is someone who’s been through a lot, and is not just willing, but thrilled to share what she’s learned.” And readers will be thrilled to hear what she has to say. Reviewed on 07/19/2013

“Susan Campbell Cross’ The FabYOUList is not only a very fun read, but a road map for a happy and fulfilling life, written by a fearless, hilarious, and damned insightful woman.” — Tom Bergeron, Host of Dancing with the Stars

The FabYOUList is an inspiring book that will encourage you to get out of the house and into the parachute, computer class or that foreign country you’ve always dreamed of visiting. What I love most about Susan’s message is that it’s pro women and pro living…it’s not about waiting until you retire or holding off until the kids are grown. It’s about doing it NOW!”— Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens and Lifestyle Expert, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“Cross is like the best friend we all want to have – disarmingly honest, funny, relatable and sometimes heartbreakingly insecure – but through it all, courageous and positive as she tackles each experience in a way that has you rooting for her success.” — Nancy Alspaugh Author of Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits

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The FabYOUList by Susan Campbell Cross

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