How to Clear Clutter and Make Money…With Your Smart Phone

I’m technologically challenged. So when I find an app that’s easy to use, works well, has a great support team should you need help with it, etc., I feel like shouting from the rooftops!

Since I’d probably get hauled away if I did that, I went on television to talk about it instead.

First I visited with my new friends at KUSI in San Diego…did I mention that the app launched in San Diego? Sorry if you don’t live there…but hang tight, it’s a-comin’!

I then chatted with Heather Myers at San Diego Living about how easy it is to clear your clutter using Close5.

A few days later, I was back with my first ever on location segment with Renee Kohn. Of course the location was Renee’s garage, but it was the perfect place to demonstrate just how you can use Close5 to make extra holiday money. We may or may not have decided to sell off some of her brand new husband’s stuff…

Check out the videos here, and see if you don’t agree that this app is pretty awesome. I hope it comes to LA soon–otherwise, I’m going to start listing things when I’m visiting San Diego.